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Endodontics in Lake Orion

Endodontics comes from the Greek words “Endo” meaning inside and “odons” meaning tooth. Essentially it’s a fancy way to describe the kind of dentistry that keeps the tissues and nerves that are inside your teeth healthy.

Root Canal

Dental decay that is left untreated can reach the nerve inside your tooth causing you a lot of pain. When that happens you may require a root canal. We understand the need to relieve you of the pain and discomfort you are in, without causing you any more pain in the process. Our highly skilled team will take care of you while we correct the problem.

A root canal will remove the damaged tissue and fill the space with a composite resin, allowing you to keep your natural tooth.

Videos about Endodontics:

"Everyone at this office has always been really great to work with. Today, they surpassed my expectations for my son’s first check up (he’s 3.5 years old). Thank you so much for making it a great experience!" -- Arcelynn L.
"I am a new patient to this practice and highly recommend their services." -- J. Noelle D.
“Been going to Dr. Komendera for over 30 years, he is the best would never go anywhere else. And Stephanie just did the best cleaning I have ever had!! Wish I could give a million stars.” -- Erika F.
"Great Dentist. Looking forward to getting my teeth back to where they should be. Procrastinated being busy and so glad I am finally making the the time to take care of my teeth. Very kind and efficient staff. Great Dentists." -- Patient Review
"Great caring staff. I broke a tooth and my Dentist was out of town. They fit me in the next day and Dr. Marfey took care of me. Thank you.” -- Susan P.
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